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Everyone has heard of aromatherapy. It is the understanding that certain pleasant smells have positive effects on individuals. For instance, the smell of fresh baked cookies usually puts people in a better mood than they were before smelling it. It also makes people think a little differently as for example, having a home smell of freshly baked cookies actually increases the possibility of a realtor selling a home. However, it is interesting that people rarely think of the reverse. That is, bad smells can actually affect a person’s mood negatively, and in some cases cause stress and even headaches.

Luckily for the people of North Denver Bright Light Painting and Cleaning Services LLC has odor treatments for all the fabrics in your home or office. We have many different levels of odor treatment and removal. For persistent yet relatively mild odors we have a cleaning and surface deodorizing system which eliminates 99% of common minor odors found in carpets, upholstery, and drapery.

In the rare case that the odor is not removed by our professional grade deodorizing system we have several more options for the people of North Denver looking to have a sweet scented environment. For odors which are particularly pungent we have an advanced enzyme treatment. This treatment is a neutralizing biochemical catalyst specially designed to remove and eliminate the smell at its source.

For strong and persistent odor in your North Denver wall to wall carpeting we also offer double sided deodorization for organic odors. This process involves us loosening the carpet from its base to get to the heart of the matter. In some cases it may be required to change the underlying padding and seal the wood or concrete base underneath.

You deserve to live and work in a place with a pleasant atmosphere and smell. If you have tried the rest then it is time for the best; Bright Light Painting and Cleaning Services LLC. Cigarette smoke, pet smells, water damage odors, Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC is sure to get the air of your North Denver home or business back to normal.